Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bri Smith and Jes Seamans are Best Friends Forever

About two months ago, I had a phone conversation with a good friend of mine. After talking about the usual silly things that people talk about on the phone (like stuff you're doing with yourself and whatever happened to that recipe you said you would give me?) somehow our mutual disillusionment with music these days came up. While I won't go into this issue on here, one of the end results was me asking him whether he had been to any good shows lately (which is one of my favorite ways to listen to music these days) he mentioned seeing an act called "Best Friends Forever." Chuckling initially at how much their name made me think of fifth grade, I hopped on the old myspace and gave this Minneapolis based band a listen.

Bri Smith and Jes Seamans have been best friends for nearly 13 years. After listening to their songs, I kind of want to be friends with them too. Their songs are poppy, fun, and about old dead guys they think are really cool, like Abraham Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower. The lyrics are silly in a fresh way, there aren't many people are walking around writing songs about how good they would be at being Lincoln's wife. The lightheardedness of "My head in front of your head" and "Eisenhower is the father" kind of made me think of a less produced, girl fronted Of Montreal, the energy is very similar. "handpocket" is about almost dying and being embarrassed about it and "ghost song" is..ghosty. Best Friends Forever is? are? a lot of fun. Give them a try, and you might find yourself feeling the urge to write your own songs about cool dead people.


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