Saturday, January 19, 2008

Metroland's Best tonight at Valentine's

You know that can of peas that has been sitting in your cabinet since you bought it in the canned vegetables aisle of Price Chopper when you said to yourself:

"Peas are good for me, I should eat more peas," and then you went back to your drafty dusty home sweet home and placed them on your very own cabinet shelf, where they still sit now because you just couldn't think of anything decent to cook with peas?

Well now you can take that can of peas and do something good with it.

Don't eat it!

Bring it to Valentine's tonight and get into a fabulous show for cheaper than if you hadn't brought that can of peas with you.

Rock out all night long at the Metroland Food Pantry Benefit, featuring some of the Best Bands of 2007 as voted in the Metroland.

upstairs catch
plenty o more music downstairs too.

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