Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Arcade Fire- Neon Bible

You're gonna hear this album, you don't have a choice. Let's be serious: The Arcade Fire is the hottest thing to come out of Montreal since smuggled hooch in fanny packs of 18 year old debutantes. There's a good chance you've already procured this album in a decriminalized way and I applaud that, this album should be the perpetual background music of every American patriotic enough to not "wanna live in America no more." Overtly political, heretical and astute, this album is everything you were hoping for in this society of religious spectacle. Though the band may have a propensity for cliche imagery (mocking birds, diamond rings, rising tides), it's still great to see a band to stand up against religion and mock the MTV ideologues knowing full well that their videos will get plenty of airtime.There's a whole lot of cars in this album, whether we keep them runnin' or not whether they are travelling towards some hypothetical state of nature before war-mongering and Neo-Conversative bullshit. And yea, our country's kind of fucked, but indie rock is live and well. This album may seem polemical, but it seems about time that an Indie rock staple like the Arcade Fire made an album not only criticizing war and republicans, but the conservative Christians who've given them this unthinkable political sway. If this album is as widely popular and influential as I expect it to be, it portends well for a new politically motivated popular music that refuses to take any more closed-mind solipsism and paranoia. "Who still believes in choice? Not I!"Still, this album is worthy of forcing itself on the thirsty ears of all of us indie kids. Revolutions may be lies, but this album ain't lyin. Fuck you God, Way to go Arcade Fire.

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