Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bad Medicine at the Campfire

While Bad Medicine at the Campfire isn't local in the sense that they are definetly not from Albany, they are from Detroit but they don't tend to get enough attention outside of their home town which makes them a local band somewhere. Luckily for us we invented the internet which makes everyplace the same place.

Anyway Bad Medicine at the Campfire is half country half indie rock 3 peice out of Detroit that play around a campfire for live sets (hehe not really). Their influences are something like Hank Williams Senior mixed with Modest Mouse and they sing songs about doing LSD and going remembering Vietnam and hating Chritians.

Unfortunately I don't have any mp3's to post of these guys or even someplace to buy their record from by they do have a myspace you can check out for now. I will let you know when there is a way to support these guys.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey thanks (10 years later)

Left 2 Right
All still writing or playing, different names and projects

Brain Blair.. Never know how many things hes got going on...but its always good.
Craig Brown Band (Google it, worth it)
M.Porter (Myself) Redeye Raccoon
Ian my good friend I haven't the slightest... talented dude, i've been gone for too long!

Id like to see Brian hash it out.. worked so hard, great writer.

Craig, Signed to 3rd Man last year.... FN sweet Guitarist, singer, yep!

Myself RER just got off the ground then I had to fight the drummer Oasis style.
Tough ass drummer, hes done well, but his attitude... and disrespect.. well I punched him in the throat (self defense) because I didn't want the following..
I got mine, Broken smart phone, broken vintage Pearl kick pedal and glasses.
Dudes fault .. refuses to apologize... Now I can focus on my "real friends" if there is such a thing. Ah Cuss... lost a great dude on Bass because him and the drummer are best buds... Never really knew how to write and run a band, Its difficult... I guess I Keep on Keep'n on!

Ian...Like I said, Need to get out more.



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