Monday, February 12, 2007

Scientific Maps - Get off the Moon

The Scientific Maps took their time putting their record out, It was purportedly recorded over a two year period in guitarist/singer Aaron Smith(also of Evolution Revolution)'s basement. I have only been aware of the band for maybe a couple months after a chance encounter while playing music on the streets of Albany but apparently they've been around for at least long enough to win the Metroland's best Pop Band in 2006.
The scientifc maps have a modern pop sensibility a kin to some of the bands affiliated with the Elephant 6 Collective like Apple's in Stereo or Of Montreal and the CD is sprinkled with screaming, wierd synth and theremin. With lyrics ranging from semi autobiographical (Halloween 1985) to silly (the Octopus is going home) this cd is an impressive display of the band's depth with a good number of songs that I've never seen them play live.

The Cd will soon be available here. I think. At least it says so.

In the mean time you can check out these sick mp3s.

mp3: Headstone Amplifier
mp3: The Octopus is going home

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