Monday, February 12, 2007

Oddy Gato - Goldslinger (the mix tape)

Oddy Gato spits in the classic genre's of tragedy and comedy and he does them both very well. The 14 track Gold Digger mixtape runs only 24 minutes long but its brevity plays in its favor by keeping the listener paying attention to what Oddy is going to say next.

Although it is not the most technically impressive CD of all time (its only a mixtape after all) some of the beats are real cool and its the honest expression and outlandish lyricism really make this album. Its definetly worth getting your hands on if you get a chance to see Oddy and its only 3$.

For your aural pleasure I have two tracks the reprsent Oddy's Tragic and Comic sides.

mp3:Little Carlos
mp3:Great Grammas House


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