Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don't Smoke Get off the Internet

I only recently stumbled upon this record on a blog entry, and I couldn't believe it. Phil Elvrum is recording under the Microphones moniker again and I hadn't even heard about it. Everybody should be flipping out, I am flipping out, how did I miss this? I don't know when the record was officially released but it says on the case "early 2007". I swiftly paid the 7$ that the record costs of at pwelvrum and suns and soon was the proud owner of some pretty white vinyl. The songs are awesome, it sounds like the Microphones, I highly recommend all interested parties get their hands on a copy, cause I don't have any mp3s to post. I wonder if this means there will be more new microphones? Maybe a full new record? Who knows.

1 comment:

notanothergeek said...

I have had this record on backorder for some time now on Insound, I'm looking forward to it getting here... eventually.


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