Saturday, April 28, 2007

[strawberry] fields. [forever]

fields is an Anglo-Icelandic band formed in London that has been popping up on the indie scene/college radio stations these days. They've done some touring with the old Wolfmother and the old Bloc Party but now that their first full length album entitled "Everything Last Winter" is out they will be venturing off on their own.
Hearsay tells me that Pitchfork gave this record a nine out of ten. I tried checking, but couldn't find the review, most likely because I am internet-challenged. Regardless, I am not sure how I feel about "Everything Last Winter." The whole time I was listening I kept waiting for something significant to pop out at me and nothing ever truly did. The first two tracks really weren't all that significant, but the rest of the album was decent. fields reminds me a lot of MBV but much more subdued and poppy with a rather produced sound. (However this may be my extreme partiality to low-fi kicking in.) I think I would like this album better if each song had some sort of climax but the pacing of every song was always strikingly similar to the one before it. "Everything Last Winter" is a leisurely listen by a decent band that will probably do cool things in the future; but, for now, I'm sticking with the better bands they remind me of.

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