Monday, April 9, 2007

Dust From 1000 Years (Live / Buzzard)

I think Tim was going to do this as his entry this week but I can't really help myself, sorry tim, this cd is so good. We (aka Sgt Dunbar) had the pleasure of playing with Dust From 1000 Years last monday night and I had little idea of what to expect knowing only that they were the touring band of the night. I was highly impressed with their set of haunting songs and perfect melodies, they had the entire room hanging on every note, up in arms with their rhythms and back again. As hard as I try I can't really think of anyone to compare these guys too, though they definetly fit into the indie folk genre but in a completely different way from us I think maybe because indie and folk are more aesthetics than genres.
After the show we swapped cds, and I got my hands Buzzard. Its now a week later and I still haven't stopped listening to it. I really wish I could have heard the cd before I saw them live cause the show would have been magnificent. I really can't wait to see them again and sing along. 13 Tracks spanning 40 minutes with an eerily wonderful sense of melody & harmony, deftly crafted lyrics, amazing ambience and beautiful lo-fi hiss these songs get stuck in my head non stop, especially Bad Thing.
You can grab this cd and their two older cds at their myspace. They are still on tour and anyone who reads this blog from brooklyn, richmond, atlanta, nashville or a few other places south of the mason dixon (aka nobody) would be well advised to check them out.

mp3:Bad Thing
mp3:Goin on forever
mp3:Immortal Hair

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notanothergeek said...

My favorite bloom-band yet.


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